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Agriturismo Masseria Puglia nel salento
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  Salamina Farm Tourism and environmental protection
Among one of the first "farm tourism" locations in Puglia, Masseria Salamina produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category from its 48 acres of olive trees (roughly 11,000) which have been located for many centuries in the countryside of Monopoli and Fasano. The Masseria at Pezzo di Greco, Fasano, is an agritourismo holiday location with accommodation (for up to 48) and a restaurant (room for 80 guests).


freccetta In the past, agricultural businesses, especially those which were run from a manor farm, represented a self-sufficient microcosm of production and consumption.

Today it is possible to return to this concept thanks to agritourism in general and due to the specific activities that are carried out.

The law on agritourism has provided an opportunity for farmers to convert abandoned buildings that are no longer used for farming into a new tourist destination, accommodation and restaurant

Masseria Salamina
Agritourism is therefore an opportunity with huge social and cultural benefits, from the rediscovery of a history and a tradition of service to all guests who decide to spend a holiday or a day in these places, and to do our best to restore these places in a way which is as uninvasive as possible and most importantly in a way which does not disturb or harm the environment.

The transformation of the stables, sheep pens, barns, bedrooms, common areas and restaurant was done in compliance with the existing architecture and with compliance to the demanding new energy needs, renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources have been chosen
  Masseria Salamina

Furthermore, being both a farm and agritourism business, has allowed us to make other green choices: for the accommodation needs of our masseria with its 20 rooms and a total of 2800 square metre, we have installed a 114W heating system using wood chips, a by-product created in the production process of olive oil, thus transforming one of the major costs of the olive oil business into ecological fuel at relatively minor expense.

As an ecological alternative to wood chips, the same boiler is fuelled with almond and peanut shells in order to ensure continuous operation.

  Masseria Salamina
This system is then integrated to produce hot water and heating from 12 solar panels will soon be made into a photovoltaic system to balance even the electricity bill with one of the major renewable sources in order to achieve complete self sufficiency.he organic waste produced by the farm is used to feed goats, sheep and pigs, thus, recycling the rest of the waste. Our business is therefore almost entirely eco-friendly. As well as producing our own olive oil we also produce our own jams and marmalades, particularly those made from the oranges and lemons picked from our own garden. For the other varieties we use local organic fruit as our preference. .
  Reception Masseria Salamina

Of particular beauty is the olive grove at Mantalbano in the park of the Dunes, just steps from the sea, where you can admire all the varieties of the Mediterranean land, aromatic herbs, and you can find amazing fossils. In the spring, you can see the herons strolling amidst the olive trees.
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  Agriturismo Masseria Salamina agriturismo in Puglia
Masseria Salamina, 72010 Pezze di greco Fasano (Brindisi) - ITALY tel.+39.080.489.7307 - fax. +39.080.489.8582 - P.IVA 03956760726
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