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  Excavations of Egnatia
The ancient Egnatia was the most important port on the border between Messapia and Peucezia. The town, which was a famous Roman municipality, was on the path of the Traiana road towards Brindisi. Although it managed to survive the fall of the Roman Empire, becoming a bishopric in the early Christian period, it fell into decay and was finally abandoned around the tenth century.


Numerous archaeological campaigns have unearthed the remains of the abandoned town; recently an Antiquarium has been built near the necropolis which keeps teaching materials and precious artwork and artefacts found during the excavation.

Since 2001 the University of Bari, in collaboration with the sponsorship of Fasano, undertook an intensive campaign of excavation, particularly on the so-called "hole", a large plaza which remains half buried and on the continuation of the Via Traiana.

So far the excavation has unearthed some very interesting information: between the fifth and sixth centuries the city was forced to change its urban structure. The Via Traiana, which during the imperial age was the principal road of the site, gradually narrowed its carriageway, becoming in the Middle Ages a more rural track

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