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Agriturismo Masseria Puglia nel salento
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The history of the Masseria Salamina
Originally a fortified farmhouse, through the centuries the Masseria has maintained its function both as an agricultural centre and as an aristocratic residence, thanks to the efforts and the love for this estate on the part of the four families who have owned it over the centuries.



Masseria Salamina is the name which the manor farm has had since 1600 when Giuseppe SALAMINA extended the existing settlement and planted over 200 hectares of the olive trees which we still have today making them over 400 years old. The Masseria was fortified because during that era, the inhabitants had to defend themselves against pirates who landed on the coast, attacking the farms to rob them of property and goods, and sometimes to capture the people unable to defend themselves.
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During the following centuries, there have been renovations to adjust the imposing structure to meet the farming needs of the time, without changing the integrity of the building. In the Masseria, there is a church which is presented in the form of a Latin cross. The entrance door is positioned above two steps, framed by projecting stone cornicing and in the centre of the lintel there is a stone scroll which reads: "CHARITAS 1792".  Above the scroll is a window with a protruding frame and mixed line profile.

Inside, the chapel is presented in the form of a longitudinal rectangular barrel vault, terminating towards the altar in an even larger quadrangular part of the church with vaulted ceilings. The altar, which occupies the entire wall is built in a Baroque style with local stone. The church was restored in 1792, extending a pre-existing church. The families who owned the estate in the successive ceturies after the SALAMINA family, namely the BIANCO family, the CENCI Counts of Cisternino, and most recently today’s proprietors have always kept the Masseria‘s historical name. The family De Miccolis Angelini, have managed the farming and the hospitality at the Masseria since 1986


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