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Ostuni, the town of Messapic origin (ancient Stulnium was mentioned by Pliny and Ptolemy).
Ostuni spreads out over three hills of exceptional panoramic positioning, standing out against the green of the countryside with the stark white of the whitewashed limestone houses and with the pink brown stone used to build the monuments


The resulting image is typical of Puglian towns: harmony with the context of the countryside; stratification of different historical eras which is easily visible from analysis of the town, showing the primitive walled Messapic acropolis, which was later redesigned in the Aragonese era; and lastly, the main aspect which defines the character of the town: the white terraced houses, with inner courtyards and very narrow alley ways of Eastern inspiration and tradition.

This delightful harmony between the cultivated land and the human settlement makes Ostuni one of the most beloved places in the region, included in the itineraries of tourists but also frequently visited by Italians themselvesAs in almost all Puglian towns the cathedral is protected among the houses of the old town, an eloquent symbol of its prestige

Among the other beautiful Christian monuments from the time in Ostuni are the churches of San Vito Martire, San Giacomo, San Francesco, Spirito Santo, Annunziata, the Cappuccini and the Madonna della Nova.

Special events: the cavalcade of Saint Oronzo is the most anticipated and important Ostuni festival. Every year the 25th, 26th and 27th of August, are the days dedicated to this saint: a procession of horses and riders parade through the towns streets. The origins of the cavalcade were unclear until a few years ago. They can now be traced, with a good degree of certainty to the second half of the seventeenth century, to precisely 1657.

But Ostuni is also famous for its coast being just 6km from the sea. The entire coastline is known as the Marina of Ostuni including the Pilone, Santa Sabina, Specchiolla, Lido Morelli (its protected oasis) and Torre guaceto (a 200 metre swamp, scrubland and dunes, dominated by the ancient viewing tower, which leads up to a beautiful sandy bay) and Apani with its “islands”.

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