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  Brindisi; the gateway to the Orient
Throughout history, Brindisi has been known as "Gateway to the Orient”, the port of embarkation, throughout every era, towards the mythical Greece or the fascinating riches of Asia..


Due to its geographical position, the nature of the port and the weather, Brindisi has been the scene of many important episodes; the city has often played the role of the lead character in history, always the main terminal towards the East

Legend has it that it was founded by Brunt, the son of Hercules, from which the name derives, but its etymology is probably Messapic; the name of the town was derived from Brundo which in the Messapic language means deer head, from the shape of the port, which has always been considered among the safest on Adriatic Sea, and which determined the destiny of the city.
The Messapians were attributed to the founding of the city in the eighth century BC, when it became a place of considerable importance due to the manufacture of bronze and metal:  here they made weapons, coins, and repaired fleets. The city became the "city of bronze”, one of the first industrial civilizations on the continent

Brindisi experienced its greatest grandeur during the period of the Roman Empire: in 267 BC, Romans occupied the city, establishing a colony and made it their main commercial and military port with the East, and therefore one of the main ports of Italy. The city was connected to the capital with the Via Appia and Via Traiana. They built temples, baths, an amphitheatre, forum, barracks, academies, the mint and the aqueduct.

The historic centre is still partly contained within the walls of Aragon, dating from the mid-fifteenth century and later modified by Carlo V, who added the strategic towers, among them the Bastione San Giacomo, now recovered and used for exhibitions and events, as well as the bastion adjacent to Port Mesagne. .


Castello Svevo

Built in 1227 by Federico II as his fortified residence for him and his garrisons

Castello Alfonsino or Aragonese
Strategically located at the port of Brindisi, the complex comprises of the Red Castle (1492) and Sea Fort (1583)

Roman Columns

Two columns, a symbol of the city through history, constructed after the first half of the second century, which measure 18.74 meters in height
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