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  Matera, the town of rocks
It is a most ancient town, the origins of which are lost in prehistory. For the substrate housing of caves dug into the rock and for the continuity of life from the Paleolithic era, Matera is known as the "underground city".


In order to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sassi and Murgia surroundings, it is advisable to visit the area on foot. From Villa Comunale you descend through the Pentasuglia way.

The sloping road leads to Via D'Addozio, where you enter Sasso Barisano, in front of you the Monastery of St. Augustine, which is now home to the Architectural and Environmental Heritage. It was built in 1591 and restored and partly rebuilt in 1747. The church stands on the ruins, which you can see inside, of the ancient rock monastery of St. Guglielmo.

From the church courtyard, the view opens out to the left over Murgia Timone and the deep canyon crossed by the torrente Gravina; to the right over Civita, the ancient heart of the city, home to the Cathedral, and the area inhabited since prehistoric times. Continuing along the Via D'Addozio, on the right you can see the steeple of St. Pietro Barisano.

The church, with its beautiful eighteenth-century facade, is actually a superimposition of underground church facade probably excavated in the year 1000, but it isn’t open to visitors. Continuing along the Via D'Addozio, you arrive in Via Fiorentini. Here you are at the foot of Civita which reveals a large cluster of houses and palaces. The roads that climb up to the Civita, accessible only on foot, lead to the heart of the city

  Agriturismo Masseria Salamina Matera, the town of rocks
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