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  The Olive Oil of Puglia
Puglia, with more than 50 million olive trees, is the number one area for olive and oil production.


masseria Salamina- la piscina

The oil that we produce is rigorously extra virgin (virgin olives’ acidity cannot exceed 1g per 100g).

Extra virgin oil from Puglian olives, depending on where it was produced displays different characteristics.

The most delicate olive oil is golden yellow in colour, sweet tasting and ideal for dishes that are served uncooked.

The middle grade is deep yellow in colour, has a sweet and slightly herbaceous flavour and is best suited to steamed and salted dishes.

The most intense is a greenish yellow colour with a rich fruity aroma and slightly spicy. It is most suitable for using when grilling or roasting.i.

In addition, extra virgin olive oil is ideal for frying because it does not change its physical chemistry at high temperatures so it is not harmful to your health.

The olive tree is an evergreen tree which prefers hilly terrains, a maritime climate but indirect sunlight. It loves arid environments and dislikes humidity. It is a plant with a very long life span and can be cultivated on both chalky land and clay. ..

There are no oils or fats that are purer: all oils, consist of 99% fats and 1% minor components which are responsible for taste and other physiological aspects.

The composition of olive oil gives the product its organoleptic qualities, ideal for correct nutrition. Olive oil, in fact is not only perfect for flavouring our food, but above all to introduce into the body substances (oleic acid, carotene, tocopherol, vitamin E and other phenolic compounds) which contribute to balanced development, protect against degenerative diseases and slow down the aging process.

The percentage of free oleic acid determines the degree of acidity of the oil. In fact, based on the degree of acidity and taste the only names used are as follows: extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, olive oil and olive pomace oil.

The Olive Oil of Puglia
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